Three reasons you’re successful.

Because you’re a savvy business person, you likely know enough about accounts receivable financing, or ‘invoice factoring’, to know it can benefit your company’s cash flow.


Even the best customers can be slow to pay invoices.

Seasonal sales create financial peaks and valleys. These cash flow imbalances cause a legion of accounts receivable management migraines. You certainly don’t need those on a personal level…and neither does your business.


Fortunately, there’s a smart solution to those business cash flow challenges. Accounts receivable factoring helps stabilize your cash flow, and can even create an environment of growth for your business…and that's exactly where you want to be.

Strict financial regulations and tight underwriting standards can make it difficult for businesses to get necessary, timely financing from banks. Often, businesses need an alternate source of working capital in order to grow or simply pay bills.


Ozarks Capital Funding offers a range of capital financing options, including accounts receivable factoring, medical provider financing, freight bill funding, and more.


See the OCF quick reference guide for an overview of our services.




We want your business. If, however, we don’t have a source for the funding you need, we’ll discuss this with you immediately.



It’s your business. You’re the expert. We’ll listen closely to your challenges and create a cost-effective plan specifically for you.



This is ongoing. From our initial consultation to every step in the funding process and beyond, you’re in the loop.

This is how we do business:


Easy as 1-2-3


Submit the invoice

Send an invoice to your customer and OCF


Get paid

Receive up to 90% of the value of your invoice


Your customer pays the invoice

Once your customer pays the invoice, we pay you the remaining balance of the invoice minus our fee

It would be great if

everything were this easy.

Did we mention efficient?


The time from your application submission to the cash transfer into your account is typically just a few days. After that initial transaction, the process clocks in at less than 24 hours.

How exactly does invoice factoring work?

Glad you asked.


The application.

 Apply now!


The letter.

 After reviewing your application, we send you a Letter of Intent that specifies the terms of our partnership


The research.

When OCF receives your signed Letter of Intent, we do our homework. Based on the information you provide about your customers, we determine the amount of financing we can provide.


The legal.

We work together to build a contract explaining all cash advance rates and service fees.


The delivery.

 You submit invoices, and voila!


Cash flow!


Breathe again.

Accounts receivable factoring is a good business idea on a number of levels.


For so many reasons,
it just makes sense.

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convenient for you.

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The exact manner in which it can benefit your company can depend on your specific situation. Generally speaking, invoice factoring with Ozarks Capital Funding offers:

Unlimited Capital

Invoice factoring grows in direct proportion to your sales and receivables. The greater your sales, the greater your working capital.


Debtless Financing

Invoice factoring does not affect your balance sheet, making it look more attractive. If your company ever needs a loan product, banks love good-looking balance sheets.


Credit Terms

Offering good terms to customers can help safeguard your business cycle, and give your company a competitive advantage.

Credit Screening

On the fence about a customer or prospect’s credit? No worries. Ozarks Capital Funding can identify those risky companies.


Collections Service

There’s no need for you to sacrifice manpower making collections calls. You focus on growing your business; OCF will handle your collections professionally and effectively.


Easy Application

No projections. No tax returns. No business plans. OCF requires only simple, general information about your business to build a contract.



See some Frequently Asked Questions for more information.



The idea behind accounts receivable financing is a simple one:

sell your outstanding invoices for immediate cash, minus a fee.


This invoice factoring is not about lending.

It’s neither a loan product nor a line of credit.

In fact, AR financing has nothing to do with your company’s credit.

It has no effect on your balance sheet…and that’s a good thing in the eyes of your bank.

AR financing incurs no debt.


Your company receives a cash advance upon the sale of your specified invoices.

You then decide how best to use that shiny, new working capital.


Keep the business cycle moving forward?

Stay up-to-date—or ahead of—your expenses? Expand your technology?

It’s all possible, and it’s all your call.


Invoice factoring is flexible and responsive.

Funds are typically wired into your bank account within 24 hours,
so you can put that cash flow to work immediately.




Is accounts receivable financing a smart solution for your business?
Is it right for you? You’re the expert.

Some typical considerations may include:


• You have pending contracts, but lack the working capital to get the project moving forward


• Your company is growing quickly, but your bank has capped your credit line


• Your cash flow is often a trickle, having to wait 30-90 days for payments from your customers

The very need for factoring can be a sign of strong growth. Accounts receivable financing can keep your business workflow manageable while some of those kinks get worked-out.


Take a look at the OCF quick reference guide to see how invoice factoring can work for your business.



Is invoice factoring a loan?

No, factoring is not a loan so it doesn’t negatively affect your company’s balance sheet.


Is it for everyone?

Factoring is designed to help bolster cash flow for those businesses that only sell on credit to other companies. The business should also have a reasonable profit margin to absorb the factoring fee. It’s your call. You know your business better than anyone. It’s certainly worth your time to contact us for more information.


Does this affect my credit?

No, since factoring is not a loan, it will not affect your business or personal credit.


What does invoice factoring cost?

Pricing for factoring depends on many variables, including the type of industry, advance rate, and the creditworthiness of your customers. OCF will provide you a free, no-obligation quote on your factoring needs.  Our rates are competitive with others in the industry. Contact us to get started.

How long is the process?

Upon receipt of all the items required for underwriting, funding can occur as early as a few days.

Will invoice factoring affect my client relationships?

This is a concern for some of our customers, but it should not affect client relationships.  We only intercede with your clients if you want us to. Any communication we have with your clients is considerate and professional.


What type of industries does OCF typically work with?

We can work with most companies that have business to business receivables. This includes industries such as distribution, service, construction, health care and manufacturing.

Kent Harlan (CPA) is the owner and operator of Ozarks Capital Funding. Call or email for a free consultation.